Can BEC Industries work to my schedule?

At BEC Industries we accommodate you, and work to your schedule. You will have a dedicated Property or Project Manager to ensure punctuality. Our service is focused on you the client, so we aim to satisfy you the best we can.

Can BEC Industries work with builders or tradespeople I have already selected?

We are more than happy to work with tradespeople that you have already selected. We can work separately to these tradespeople, or we can begin to manage them as well if all parties are happy with that situation.

Can I request a specific tradesperson?

We are thrilled when our clients are happy with our tradespeople, and are more than happy for you to select any of the BEC Industries accredited suppliers.

Do I need to come to your office for a consultation?

Absolutely not. We come to you for your initial consultation, at a time that suits you best, and are happy to discuss as many projects or jobs you'd like. Of course, if you'd like to come visit us at our offices, we are more than happy to arrange a meeting with you.

How is BEC Industries different from other service providers?

BEC Industries is different to our competitors as we offer a personalised service, delivered by a committed Property or Project Manager. Your manager is focused on getting the best outcome possible for you, and is available to you at any time. 

Is there a fee for after hours call-outs?

There is a small fee for once-off after hours call-outs. A subscription to the BEC Industries service entitles you to free call-outs for the duration of the subscription.

why choose us

BEC Industries takes the hassle and stress out of finding, organising and managing tradespeople. We have a complete range of trade services for all your property management needs.

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